Brexit is still a mess. ANOTHER REFERENDUM PLEASE

The EU and Government cant get it together. The people need to act again. They now have better information.

We are all beginning to realize we voted for something that cant work. Nobody can make their minds up.

Its costing the country millions in loss trade research and development. The government are in turmoil

The EU are doing their best to block brexit. The government cant agree what they want. It is an impossible task.

Lets get rid of all this mess and confusion. Have another referendum NOT an election.

The choice is do you want to stay in.
or Exit with probably a harder brexit.

We will then have a better direction from the people. If we decide to stay in All is saved no discussions.
If we decide again to leave a harder exit is the probable answer.
Either way we can then improve the country with the peoples confirmed choice.
If we have to stay in we can then use our power to change the European Union to our advantage and use the changing policies in the EU or even bend the rules like other members do..