Thought of the day

Thought of the day So-is there really a God who has created a new virus to save the world-it reduces the harmful gases from our cars and aircraft-Prevents global warming-Not so many potholes from worn out roads-Gives us more free time because we are not driving kids to school-or work-driving in the car is faster no traffic jams-Gives the poor person money instead of working-Improves our diet no McDonald’s or restaurants more home cooking-Gives us time to consider other people-and restricts immigration good or bad-Unfortunately as usual some people have to be sacrificed to the god-and we all live like monks and nuns//Or was the virus created and engineered by a young Chinese scientists
He decided that the old people needed to go -Wipe out their years of savings and property prices and save the world paying out for their pensions -This let’s the younger person have a chance to succeed against the older persons wealth-This is called communism? Everybody is equal- None of the above is real it is something to think about