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Its time to sort the brexit problem out

We have not dealt with ARTICLE 50 yet.

Parliament really has to discuss and vote to agree to carry this out.

Some of The Leaders of the European Union is part of our problem to negotiate.

We and other members of EU all seem to need some sort of control on immigration.

We all need the right immigrants to help our economy

The UK is split in half with a clear view to leave

Many people voted to get out as a protest vote. We do not like being dictated to.

Does everyone in The EU want a federal Europe. I do not think so.

We could all agree to stay in if The EU rejected the leaders who wanted a Federal Europe.

The EU is becoming an organisation of its own with its own agenda.

So how do we deal with it.

Do what The EU are asking and tell them what we would accept but tell them without using Article 50

In other words we do not give notice to leave but put out modifications to them and the rest of Europe for a vote.

We need to get around the present leaders who are not fit for purpose and have reasons to keep us out.

Once we get a more acceptable solution to immigration I think The Brexit voter would accept staying in Europe.