Wear a Face Mask to Stop Spreading THE VIRUS COVID-19

We need to wear a face mask-and also wash our hands-Not just to try and protect our self-We need to wear a mask to stop us spreading the virus.Especially in shops & public transport

If we have a face mask on before we realize we have the virus .If later we are infectious the mask has reduced us spreading the virus to other people directly or indirectly

Where does the virus mainly come from our lungs Every time we cough or sneeze we shower everything and still do not know then we have The Virus.

When we have the virus and cant breathe that is another world

The Virus

Lets hope we can beat the virus

Stay Safe and keep your distance


Thought of the day

Thought of the day So-is there really a God who has created a new virus to save the world-it reduces the harmful gases from our cars and aircraft-Prevents global warming-Not so many potholes from worn out roads-Gives us more free time because we are not driving kids to school-or work-driving in the car is faster no traffic jams-Gives the poor person money instead of working-Improves our diet no McDonald’s or restaurants more home cooking-Gives us time to consider other people-and restricts immigration good or bad-Unfortunately as usual some people have to be sacrificed to the god-and we al


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