Quarantine people who fly or drive into UK

It is apparent you can fly in or drive in from abroad and not be forced to quarantine,

Wear a Face Mask to Stop Spreading THE VIRUS COVID-19

We need to wear a face mask-and also wash our hands-Not just to try and protect our self-We need to wear a mask to stop us spreading the virus.Especially in shops & public transport

If we have a face mask on before we realize we have the virus .If later we are infectious the mask has reduced us spreading the virus to other people directly or indirectly

Where does the virus mainly come from our lungs Every time we cough or sneeze we shower everything and still do not know then we have The Virus.

When we have the virus and cant breathe that is another world

The Virus

Lets hope we can beat the virus

Stay Safe and keep your distance


Thought of the day

Thought of the day So-is there really a God who has created a new virus to save the world-it reduces the harmful gases from our cars and aircraft-Prevents global warming-Not so many potholes from worn out roads-Gives us more free time because we are not driving kids to school-or work-driving in the car is faster no traffic jams-Gives the poor person money instead of working-Improves our diet no McDonald’s or restaurants more home cooking-Gives us time to consider other people-and restricts immigration good or bad-Unfortunately as usual some people have to be sacrificed to the god-and we al


Immigration New Laws

Low pay does not always mean its a low skill job.
The Government is obsessed with reducing immigration for Low skill Jobs and low pay jobs
There is not a pool of people in the UK to take up jobs in care homes and service sectors,
Farming , nursing , construction.
Business and hospitals will have difficulty in employing people to carry out certain jobs.
If your a waiter then how do you get into a job in the UK.
A care worker in a hospital or nursing home.
Business will have to consider employing people by relabeling the job.

UK Summary

Problems in China
Problems in USA
Problems in Europe

UK Brexit trade and Law to sort out

HS2 will go ahead we have gone too far to stop it.

Security and new G5 could be problems to sort this out.

The tax needs sorting out. too many taxes on assets. This does not give us flexibility to buy and sale property.

Government Brexit policy wrong again

The government our playing games with peoples lives.

They will not admit they have failed sorting brexit out

They are out of touch with the real world.

Brexit has been dragging on.

The economy is stuck and is drifting down.

Companies are going bust,

There is no clear policy coming from the government.

The government has two choices only and cant agree which one.

Both of them are the wrong ones.

They have failed and need the people to decide again


Latest Brexit Compromise

The governments latest agreement to leave the EU is technically a brexit
but is worse than staying in the EU.

So how can we support it?

As we have not been able to negotiate decent terms to leave the EU.

(It might feel politically it needs another referendum)

Its as simple as that .No new referendums and no brext for now.
Just cancel Article 50.

Government have got immigration wrong

We need workers for Care Homes, Hostels, Restaurants, Hotels

English people are reluctant to work in these sectors

The governments plan is to ensure there are no immigrants
for these sectors.

Once they do that these companies will have to reduce their services or close.

No Hope for us

MPs still don't have the answers to Brexit

Let the people have a second referendum.

The questions to ask is "Stay In or Out" (Maybe using the same terms as a Norway or Canadian solution)

We have got fed up of years of weak discussions and uncertainties that are creating a poor economy.
The government is also not focusing on the real problems in The UK.

We do not want a General Election. The Government can't sort it out and nor can Labour.

Let the people have a second referendum and lets move on and get rid of the uncertainties


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